Friday, 9 March 2012

Momma needs a new pair of shoes - So she's having a SALE

(Ok, I know it is a corny title, but it is true.)
As my youngest one gets a little older and I'm starting to get chunks of uninterrupted sleep, my head seems to be clearing and my list of To-Dos is getting longer and longer.  There are many things that I want to do around the house and yard (I'm so excited spring is around the corner) and I have a long list of crafts/creative projects I also want to do.
One of my To-Dos is to get back to making jewelry, even if it is only occasionally, as I really do enjoy it. Which takes me to the fact I still have quite a few pieces of jewelry to sell from when I was busy selling it before my youngest was born.  And I could really use the pocket money, for things like shoes ;) . And if no one knows what is available, no one can purchase them, right?  So, here are some pics of some of my jewelry creations.  (I'll try to get pics of the rest of it soon.)

Mother of Pearl & Swarovski Crystal set, Was $37, NOW $20

 Red Coral and Autumn Jasper 2pc Set Was $45, NOW $20 Sold

 Green stone cross on black cotton Was $15, NOW $7.50

 Mother of Pearl and Swarovski Crystal 2 pc set was $49, NOW $40

 Peachy Pink acrylic circle on black cotton was $10, NOW $5

 Turquoise/Teal blue Czech Crystal 2 pc set was $23, NOW $10 SOLD

 Moonstone necklace on clear line was $25, NOW $12

 Rose Quartz Or Red Aventurine (Brown) stone chip necklaces were $19 ea, NOW $10 ea

Earrings Misc NOW $3 to $8 each

Hand-blown glass bracelet (on left) $35

Assortment of wood and glass bracelets were $20 ea, NOW $10 ea

 Multicolored glass bracelets were $20, NOW $10 ea

Plastic xlong sparkly necklace NOW $10

Hand-blown glass bracelets $35 each

Olive Jade and Swarovski Crystal 2pc set was $45, NOW $22

 Olive Jad and Swarovski Crystal 2pc set was $38, now $19 SOLD
Stone necklace was $20, now $15

Stone necklaces (middle and right) were $20 each, now $15 each SOLD
Pearl and glass 2pc set was $25, NOW $12

I also have a bunch of anklets I could mark down to $5 each
and more misc earrings and bracelets.

(Ok, now that I've gone through my stock I'm reminded of how many items I want to keep for myself. This is not good.)

Time to go get something else checked off my list.
Enjoy your day!